Gather 'round everyone, this is going to be the strangest metal cover you'll hear all day! Lamb of God and the hurdy gurdy have, in all likelihood, never been mentioned in the same sentence together. Well, that has all changed because above is a video of hurdy gurdy cover of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal Band's song "Grace" off their fifth album, Wrath.

The cover, by YouTube user "helvetion," is exceptional and a clever choice considering the acoustic opening the song already has. This sets things up perfectly as the song is played over the hurdy gurdy cover and the acoustic guitar is hardly noticeable. Things change suddenly as the song gets heavy and the folk instrument plays under the distorted leads of Mark Morton and Willie Adler. Helvetion adds a fun twist to a punishing song as she plays in front of her Eluveitie poster, a Swiss band featuring a full time hurdy gurdy player.

mistakenly billed as a Christian metal group leading up to their appearance on 
Jimmy Kimmel Live! in August.

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