As we continue to remember the life and career of Lemmy Kilmister, we invite you to watch the frontman's final moments on stage with Motorhead.

With Lemmy's death comes the end of Motorhead. The legendary rock band put in a total of 40 years, with Lemmy at the helm the entire time. On Dec. 11, Motorhead concluded their 40th anniversary tour with a show in Berlin. As usual, Motorhead's set was capped off by "Overkill," which you can watch in the video above.

Before blasting into "Overkill," Lemmy introduced guitarist Phil Campbell and "the best drummer in the world," Mikkey Dee. You can tell Lemmy is a little low on energy during the track, but he constantly blasted through when it came time to yell "Overkill" during the song's chorus.

”He was terribly gaunt, he spent all his energy onstage and afterwards he was very, very tired,” Mikkey Dee said shortly after Lemmy's death. ”It’s incredible that he could even play, that he could finish the Europe tour. It was only 20 days ago. Unbelievable.” Lemmy had recently bested a nasty lung infection, which caused Motorhead to cancel a number of shows, some mid-performance. However, Lemmy refused to lose and was able to finish the 40th anniversary tour.

Check out Motorhead's final performance of "Overkill" in the clip above.

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