Wes Cage, the son of actor Nicolas Cage, appears to be taking a different direction in his musical career, stepping away from the black metal band Eyes of Noctum and going solo with a new radio-friendly rocker called "The Wolf" co-written with Breaking Benjamin guitarist Keith Wallen.

At present, the song serves as a stand-alone single, but it does come with a pretty crazy Vicente Cordero-directed video in which Cage portrays two contrasting incarnations of the same character, showing himself at both his lowest and most confident points.

“I hope this song resonates with the masses and is embraced as a symbolic work of art that encourages triumph and hope,” says Cage. “‘The Wolf’ is about the spiritual dichotomy of the higher and lower self.”

"His lower self, in his case, is one of destitution, zero self-control, addiction, oblivion and failure, while his higher self is depicted through a being who is of power, elevation, awareness, organization and overall success. Both forces live in us all," says Cage. This is something relatable to the musician, who has had his battles with addiction in the past and become an advocate for recovery.

Speaking about the musical shift, Cage says, "The music we're doing is part of my essence and always needed to be released. Lyrically, 'The Wolf' touches on the dichotomy between the higher and lower selves. One represents strength, intelligence, organization, responsibility; the other, destitution, failure, depression, sadness."

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While it's unknown if Cage will continue down this musical path, the collaboration with Wallen appears likely to put him on the rock radio radar. Wallen has previously written songs for Saint Asonia, Love and Death, Pillar, Red, Icon for Hire, Fuel, Dorothy, We Came as Romans and Saving Abel among others. Check out the video and song lyrics below.

Wes Cage, "The Wolf" Lyrics (Co-Written With Keith Wallen)

What took me so long
It was everything that left me hollow
Hiding all along
I need a sign something to follow

You know we can’t stay young forever
Another day to find a way

We become the wolf inside that's driving
The one that keeps us alive and fighting
It always appears in the coldest years
I will never be afraid to become the wolf

Becoming the wolf
Becoming the wolf
Becoming the wolf

When everything is gone
How do we survive still unbroken
And how do we go on
Standing fast with eyes wide open

What if we could stay young forever
Another day to find a way

Can you see the fire in my eyes

Wes Cage, "The Wolf"

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