Goth teen Andrew De Leon recently made his debut on ‘America’s Got Talent’ (June 5) when he walked out on stage decked out in metal spiked bracelets, piercing contacts and full-on guyliner. A shy De Leon admitted to being a fan of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie growing up, setting the stage for what everyone expected to be a rock performance.

The visibly nervous Andrew De Leon entered his audition met by a panel of skeptical judges - most notably the king of all media Howard Stern who greeted De Leon coyly, asking, "Rough day at the office?” Having been judged and rejected based on appearance alone in the past, De Leon opened his mouth and the last thing anyone ever expected to hear poured out - an angelic operatic performance.

De Leon, who said he had never sung in front of anyone – ever - was emotionally moved by his own performance and the positive reaction the crowd erupted into instantaneously. It was also the first time his family had ever seen him perform and they cheered from the crowd.

De Leon won over all three judges easily, with Howard Stern commenting first saying, “You got up here and blew the roof off the joint, good for you!" Stern continued to sing De Leon’s praises on his radio show during the week as well, talking about how undiscovered raw talent like De Leon’s is what the show is really all about.

Now, a new video has surfaced on YouTube of Andrew De Leon performing the classic  ‘Ave Maria’ acapella. The video was published on May 28 with no real confirmation of when it was recorded, but we can only assume it was after his ‘AGT’ audition when he had worked up a little confidence, and deservedly so.

The video shows De Leon in a candle-lit room sporting full gothic face paint, black nail polish and wearing a Misfits t-shirt as he wails out the tune.

Living proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, De Leon’s talent runs deep. The most impressive part however, is that according to the young crooner, he’s self-taught and has never had any formal training.

Aside from the audition performance and the video below (with comments disabled..hmmm), Andrew De Leon remains a true enigma. With very little known about the young vampy-vocalist, fans will have to tune into 'America's Got Talent' to see what happens next.

Hey Andrew, give Loudwire a call, we'd love to talk to you!

Watch 'America's Got Talent' Break Out Star Andrew De Leon Perform 'Ave Maria'
Watch Andrew De Leon on 'America's Got Talent'

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