An old boast is back in the spotlight, as Metallica's Lars Ulrich was recently questioned about Bruce Dickinson's comments a few years back that his band, Iron Maiden, was better than Metallica.

Back in 2011, Dickinson followed-up a past comment in which he boasted that his band was better than Metallica. Not backing down from the stance, he explained to Metal Hammer, "I got into trouble for saying that we're better than Metallica … and it's true. They might be bigger than us and they might sell more tickets than us and they might get more gold-plated middle-class bourgeoisie turning up to their shows, but they're not Maiden. I did say it's a bit of a wind-up. I thought, 'If I'm going to turn into an a--hole, I might as well, you know, go for it."

When questioned about Dickinson's comments, Ulrich took the high ground and avoided further conflict. He humbly stated to the Guardian, "I will never argue with that. I will always support Bruce Dickinson in whatever nonsense he says. That's part of the fun. So go Iron Maiden! It's fine."

In all honesty, Metallica and Iron Maiden are two different bands in terms of sound, live presentation and catalog of music. And while Lars may not have wanted to get into a war of words, we're more than happy to see what the metal loving fans think. Let us know which act you think is better -- Iron Maiden or Metallica -- by voting in the poll below.

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