There's some good news and some bad news for Within Temptation fans, as it will be a little longer before the band returns with new music, but vocalist Sharon den Adel will have a new solo record helping to fill the void.

The vocalist revealed that she's started a new project under the title My Indigo and that the material is very personal to her and helped her deal with a family crisis. Den Adel also served up a video message to fans explaining not only the project but also a bit about Within Temptation's status. And you can also check the brand new track from My Indigo, also titled "My Indigo," in the player above.

The song starts off with more melodic guitar parts, allowing the emotion of the singer's voice to really lead the song, but by the time the chorus kicks in, there are more prominent drums and keyboard parts as Den Adel segues from a more vulnerable vibe to something more strong, defiant and powerful.

In the update from Den Adel, as seen below, she states, "I know you've all been waiting a long time to hear a release date for the new Within Temptation album. How much I'd like to give you one now, I'm not able to yet. The thing is, when I came back from the tour last time, I went to the studio, like I always do when I come back from a tour, and I wanted to write music again, new stuff. And normally I have a lot of energy and a lot of inspiration, but this time it wasn't there; I didn't have it. And on top of that, I found myself in a bigger crisis than not being able to write songs; something happened in my family. And I felt that I needed more time for everything and to deal with this, so I did. No deadlines, no end date to fight against to finish stuff, no pressure to perform and spending time with my family and my friends."

She continues, "So here I am, two years later — which did help to [make me] more relaxed and taking more time for things. And I'm proud to say that we have some really kickass songs for Within Temptation now. They're still in demo phase. We're going into the studio soon, and there will be a release in 2018. In the meantime, I have been working on songs, but it's not Within Temptation material. These are very personal songs, because it was for myself that I wrote these songs, and especially to get through everything I was dealing with. I gave it a name. It's called My Indigo, and the first song from this project is also called 'My Indigo.' I hope you like it. Go and check it out."

If you like the My Indigo self-titled track, you can pick it up in the platform of your choosing right here.

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