2019 is looking like a historic year for heavy music with some major releases still en route, but 2020 is also starting to show some promise. One band you might hear from next year could be Within Temptation, as the band is starting to look ahead to their next release.

Singer Sharon den Adel spoke with Kaaos TV recent, revealing that writing for their eighth studio album may begin shortly. "We're gonna be touring maybe next year again, but after the summer [of playing shows], which will end for us in September — we will start to write again," said the singer. "We want to maintain that, because we are on a new path and we still have to develop ourselves in direction more than we are doing already."

The band just released their Hydra album earlier this year, but it was the first original recording since 2014. Apparently eager to keep the creative momentum going and looking for a shorter turnaround, the band will make the most of their upcoming free time.

"I love touring, but I've been on tour already now almost for a year again, and so it's, for me, very important to be in the studio back and to work on new ideas," den Adel added. "I don't know — I just wanna make music also. I wanna combine it better than being on tour for four years again and then start a new album; I wanna start now already."

As stated, Within Temptation are on tour through the summer in Europe. See all of their scheduled dates here.

Within Temptation's Sharon den Adel Talks to Kaaos TV

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