A modern rock musician with two albums out was the answer to a $1,000 question on the popular quiz game show Jeopardy! earlier this week in a category dedicated to one-man bands.

Over the last few years, quite a lot of rock and metal related clues and answers have challenged contestants on the show, now hosted by Ken Jennings. More often than not, it's the more classic/historic periods of heavy music, but some more modern day stuff does trickle in once in a while.

The Clue

To clear out the One-Man Band category with the $1,000 clue, Jennings states, "When he was 15, he went out on tour with his dad, a guitar god. Later, he recorded solo with Mammoth WVH," as contestants are given a visual clue via a photo of a young Wolfgang alongside Eddie Van Halen onstage, playing together in Van Halen.

The Answer

Contestant Denise buzzes in, using the formal Jeopardy! response of answering with a question: "Who is Van Halen?"

When phrased like that, it's a bit funny to even think about that at face value. One of the absolute biggest bands in history — duh!

Jennings prompts Denise to be a bit more specific and she replies, "Wolfgang Van Halen," which earns her $1,000.

Wolfgang shared a video clip on X (formerly Twitter), congratulating the contestant in saying, "Great job, Denise," followed by an emoji of hands clapping.

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Mammoth WVH in 2024

Mammoth WVH will hit the road on a headlining tour in support of the sophomore album, Mammoth WVH IINita Strauss will be featured on the first half of the run, with Intervals providing support on the remaining dates.

The trek will kick off on Feb. 23 and wrap up on May 17.

See all the dates here.

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