The music world suffered a great loss with the death of Eddie Van Halen, but the loss is even greater for Wolfgang Van Halen as he's also lost his father. The Van Halen bassist was the first to inform the world of his father's passing and he's now sharing a string of heart-tugging photos sharing time with his dad.

Wolf starts off with a video that's certain to bring a few tears, as Eddie Van Halen is fielding questions from audience members at a Q&A session. When one fan asks Eddie if there's one deceased musician he'd like to play with, the guitarist thinks for a second before responding, "I'd like to jam with my father again."

Wolfgang then added a series of photos that included Eddie Van Halen sitting on piano next to his father who was playing saxophone. There are also a number of photos from Wolf's life ranging from childhood pics with Eddie and Valerie Bertinelli at the beach with Wolf and Eddie reading him a bedtime story through Wolf's teen years jamming with his father and even taking it to modern day with Eddie patting his son on the head as they played together onstage. See the full range of tweeted photos below.

Wolfgang Van Halen isn't the only family member to dig into the photo archives, with his uncle and bandmate Alex Van Halen previously sharing a photo from youth of the two brothers as young kids while sharing the message, "Hey Ed. Love you. See you on the other side. Your brother Al."

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