We're not sure about you, but we'd be happy if we heard Tool playing at a grocery store. Apparently, a woman who recently visited a Whole Foods was not thrilled when she heard "Forty Six & 2" playing on the speaker, and referred to it as "death metal."

To be transparent, we're not sure where this occurrence took place, as the story was recounted by a Tool fan in a since-deleted Reddit post. In a post titled "Customer complaint," they wrote about a "middle-aged woman" who visited the Whole Foods that they work at, which typically plays a wide array of music.

They recalled that the woman had an "upset look on her face" as the Ænima track played in the store. She approached the employee and asked, "What is this? The world is too angry for such angry music. I don't think it should be played in a supermarket. Who enjoys this?"

"To which I replied, 'Oh this is a band called Tool, they're pretty talented and their singer is misunderstood. They actually have plenty of positive messages in their music. You just have to look past the yelling and read the lyrics. But if you'd like to address your concern I'd be happy to show you the customer service counter.' To that she paused and then smiled and just said, 'Well I just don't think you should be playing death metal in a grocery store.'"

There are a lot of different ways people have described Tool's music, but this may be the first time we've ever heard of someone calling them death metal. Plus, "Forty Six & 2" is one of the band's tamer songs — imagine if she heard "Hooker With a Penis" or something else more obscure.

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A person commented on the post that they had also worked at a Whole Foods in the past and never heard Tool play before. The author of the post then responded that their store's playlist is comprised of some corporate-chosen songs, as well as ones the employees choose themselves. Therefore, in addition to Tool, that particular Whole Foods also plays Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pixies, Rush and some other rock bands.

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