Wovenwar have been rocking for over a year now in support of their self-titled debut album and the band, which includes the members of As I Lay Dying with new vocalist Shane Blay, is now a tight rocking unit. As such, they decided to show how far they've come by making their "Archers" video a performance-based piece.

The band took over Brick by Brick, a well-know rock venue in their hometown of San Diego, just last month and let the cameras roll during their performance. Josh Knoff shot the show, while the band's own Nick Hipa later directed and edited the clip.

Hipa says, "Our video for 'Archers' is cut from live footage—filmed by Josh Knoff—from our recent hometown show at Brick by Brick. The lyrics heavily reference specific themes and songs from Shane's previous band (Oh, Sleeper) as a sentimental nod to how that chapter in his life was unforgettably formidable. With that in mind, it felt appropriate to create a visual edit captured from our venue in a room filled with quite a bit of family and friends … it kinda just completes the whole vibe as positively nostalgic."

"Archers" is featured on the band's self-titled disc, which was released in August 2014. At present, the group is off the road, but you can stay up to date on their performances here.

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