XFactor1 are digging a little deeper into their 'famous.last.words' album, issuing their third single 'Parasite,' and Loudwire is bringing you the song's video premiere.

The clip features frontman Ricky "Qball" Wolf belting about feeling dead inside and having that ominous feeling that something's about to go down. Meanwhile, his vocals are set against a hard-hitting backdrop of occasional bullet-speed drumming, a guttural bass and industrial sounding guitar that gets under your skin.

As for the video itself, it's half performance piece with the band set against a white backdrop behind some bloodied lenses and half concept with the central character being tormented in his everyday life and seeing something sinister at every turn.

Wolf, who also had a hand in the video's creation, told Loudwire exclusively, "Dysfunctional -- that's what we wanted to personify with 'Parasite.' When I started to visualize the theme for this vid I thought of my life and how music was an escape. And a way to take back the power and control my life as I saw fit. The 'kill room' theme of the chorus is symbolic of our desire to eliminate those who would try to stop us from pursuing our dreams and goals.”

XFactor1 will be seen later this month performing at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. The band also has a full itinerary of shows with Taproot leading up to the festival and continuing through May 25 in Flint, Mich. Their full itinerary can be seen here. If you like what you hear, XFactor1's 'famous.last.words' album is currently in stores and can be ordered here.

Watch XFactor1's 'Parasite' Video