In this episode of You Think You Know Metal? we pay tribute to the almighty Dimebag Darrell Abbott. We know Pantera fans are as hardcore as they get, but let's see if we can give you a few new pieces of Dime's history.

First off, the guitar was not Dime's first love. The future metal icon was actually an avid BMX biker in his youth. In fact, guitar wasn't even the first instrument Dime wanted to pick up! Thank the metal gods that Darrell finally took an interest in the axe, but if he never had, Dime would have pursued another career path entirely. Any idea what that path was?

Dimebag Darrell had an affinity for Dean guitars for decades. Despite this, Dimebag sold one of his Deans, only to have it returned to him after a custom remodeling. You've got one man to thank for Dime's blue lightning guitar design, and you'll meet that man in the clip above.

Dime was a well-known KISS fanatic, but he especially idolized guitarist Ace Frehley, so much that Dime got Ace's painted face tattooed on. That's not the only Ace Frehley ink Dimebag had, however. Another one of Dimebag's heroes, Eddie Van Halen, presented Dimebag Darrell with the greatest gift the man could have hoped for. Unfortunately, it was given to Dime at his funeral, but to this day, Eddie's gift remains with Dime inside the Pantera legend's KISS Kasket.

You think you know Dimebag Darrell Abbott? Watch the video above and check out even more exclusive Pantera video below!

Script by Ed Rivadavia; Narration by Tony LaBrie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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