In this episode of You Think You Know Metal? we delve into the career of one of the 21st century's most prolific metal bands, Mastodon.

Firstly, we get into the many projects undertaken by the boys who would later form Mastodon. Drummer-vocalist Brann Dailor and guitarist-vocalist Bill Kelliher played together in two influential extreme metal bands: Today is the Day and Lethargy. As for guitarist-vocalist Brent Hinds and bassist-vocalist Troy Sanders, the duo were bandmates in Four Hour Fogger before meeting Dailor and Kelliher at a High on Fire concert.

The original incarnation of Mastodon actually consisted of five members, but singer Eric Saner only played with the band for a year before departing. Continuing onward, Mastodon would go on to gather inspiration from Jurassic Park, Moby-Dick and ancient mythology for various albums. Do you know which songs benefited from these masterpieces? You'll find out in this clip.

How much does Bill Kelliher love Star Wars? Besides his myriad of tattoos and collectables, he named his oldest son after one of the film's biggest icons. As for Dailor, the drumming phenom has a bizarre collection of paintings in his home, which some have dubbed "creepy."

For all these facts and more trivia about Mastodon, watch this episode of You Think You Know Metal? above! Also, be sure to check out past episodes on your favorite metal bands below!

Script by Ed Rivadavia and Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann; Narration by Tony LaBrie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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