If you believe in fate, then it appears as though Jay Weinberg was fated to join Slipknot after their split with longtime drummer Joey Jordison. A new video commissioned by SJC Custom Drums traces Weinberg's journey, showing just how much the love for the band has always been there.

"Slipknot consumes my life, ever since it came into my life. It started with a dream and all it takes is just a passion to see that dream through," says Weinberg at the beginning of the video, adding, "My name is Jay Weinberg. I play drums in the band Slipknot and that sentence is totally insane to me."

While he joined Slipknot for .5: The Gray Chapter, his ties to the band date back to when he was a young teenager. Weinberg's dad, E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg, was the band leader on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show when he first met the mask-and-red-jumpsuit wearing rockers.

"My dad came home and said, 'You've got to check out this thing that I just saw. These crazy guys wear these masks and I've never heard music like this. You've got to see this, you're going to love this,'" recalls Weinberg, who then joined his father after an invite from the band to catch one of their shows.

In this video feature, you get to see a young Jay sporting a Slipknot mask while he's introduced to band members by his father.

YouTube: SJC Custom Drums
YouTube: SJC Custom Drums

"This is music, this is powerful music and this is going to define the rest of my life," recalls the drummer upon first seeing the band play live. Now, about a decade later, he finally is playing with the group.

“It's the most enjoyable, self-destructive, euphoric experience, and it takes a lot of blood, it takes a lot of pain, but it's all worth it, because Slipknot is the greatest band, period," says the musician. Watch the video in full below.

Be sure to catch Jay and the rest of Slipknot, currently on tour in support of their forthcoming album, We Are Not Your Kind.

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