Zakk Wylde is an absolute Black Sabbath fanatic. Already this year, his Zakk Sabbath tribute band released their cover version of Sabbath's entire debut record and now they've contributed to a cover compilation of the band's Vol. 4 album, closing it out with a crushing rendition of "Under the Sun," premiering here at Loudwire.

One of Black Sabbath's strongest deep cuts ( indicates the band only played it 99 times live in all), "Under the Sun" is marked by a herculean riff with a lunging groove and Bill Ward's inimitable swing. It's also among the more intricate of Sabbath songs and, expectedly, Zakk Sabbath dished out a flawless, musclebound cover.

We've heard Zakk run through countless Sabbath jams before and it can be said with confidence and conviction that "Under the Sun" contains his best vocal performance when it comes to recreating Ozzy Osbourne's belting studio takes. The validity of this cover was never in doubt, but there's an intangible magic(k) at play here.

Listen to Zakk Sabbath's "Under the Sun" cover below.

The full Vol. 4 — Redux covers compilation will be released on Oct. 30 through Magnetic Eye Records, the same label that issued Zakk Sabbath's Vertigo, the front-to-back cover edition of Sabbath's self-titled 1970 debut. View the artwork and complete track listing further down the page and get your copy here.

Zakk Sabbath, "Under the Sun" (Black Sabbath cover)

Black Sabbath's Vol. 4 — Redux (Covers Compilation) Album Art + Track Listing

Magnetic Eye Records
Magnetic Eye Records

01. "Wheels of Confusion" (Thou)
02. Tomorrow's Dream" (The Obsessed)
03. "Changes" (High Reeper)
04. "FX" (Matt Pike)
05. "Supernaut" (Spirit Adrift)
06. "Snowblind" (Green Lung)
07. "Cornucopia" (Whores)
08. "Laguna Sunrise" (Tony Reed)
09. "St. Vitus Dance" (Haunt)
10. "Under the Sun" (Zakk Sabbath)

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