It’s always an amazing experience to see Black Label Society in action, and our ears are still ringing from both of the band's performances on this year’s ShipRocked Cruise. In addition, while aboard the boat we had the chance to talk to the leader of the Doom Crew himself, Zakk Wylde, who said it the best when he told us that his ShipRocked experience was filled with “all the non-alcoholic beer I can drink and chance to jam and hang out with a bunch of ass kicking people.”

Wylde also spoke about the 10-year anniversary of the album Mafia, as well as the debauchery that would go on if the late Dimebag Darrell would have been on the ShipRocked Cruise. Check out our interview with the almighty Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society below:

If you could be part of any band on the ShipRocked boat, who would it be and why?

It’d probably have to be Sevendust because Lajon [Withserspoon] is one of the finest Irish Catholics I know. [Laughs] Therefore it would have to be Sevendust. He knows this, we all applaud his Catholicism. I’m just keeping it Catholic, what can I tell you. [Laughs]

This is the 10-year anniversary of Mafia. What do you remember about creating this album?

Wow, it's 10 years already? Each Black Label album that I did I has certain memories of creating and then the touring behind them. That album was recorded just like the other ones with no ideas going in and then you fire up drum tones and guitar sounds and bass sounds and you put on your Black Label / Doug Henning imagination cap and just start writing riffs.

We had a blast making it, like “Suicide Messiah,” “What’s In You” and then obviously we wrote “In This River” after what happened with Saint Dime [Dimebag Darrell]. When I looked at the lyrics, I knew this was his tune and it became part of the set which it always will be.

With all the Black Label albums, with all the Ozzy records -- I’ve never had a bad time making a record; I don’t know how you do that. You’re doing what you love in music, you’re blessed.

If Dime was on this ShipRocked cruise, what experience do you think he would have brought to the boat?

Not double, you’d have to quadruple and maybe just go tenfold on the alcohol intake. You’d have to have a lot of puke bags everywhere – not even bags, buckets. You’d be handed a Dime puke bucket as you came onto the ShipRocked boat and you would carry it with you at all times. But it’s a souvenir, you know?

The heaving and puking would have nothing to do with bumpy waters at all – you could be on land and you would be puking with Saint Dime. So along with the puke bucket, you’d get a cooler with some booze in it but also on ice it would be a pancreas and a liver.

He was the host of hosts. I would always say Dime was the rat pack all in one person. [Laughs] So you knew the party was coming to town.

What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you and Black Label Society?

Lots of going door to door and spreading good will and Black Label cheer. [Laughs] We hit Europe and then I come home and see Barb and the kids. Then we go back out and from New York to L.A. and we do the Unblackened tour.

Our thanks to Zakk Wylde for the interview. Pick up Black Label Society’s Unblackened album at iTunes.

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