Axe wizard Zakk Wylde's talks about his new book 'Bringing Metal to the Children' and many other topics in a recent interview with The Nervous Breakdown. The book offers practical advice for musicians like how to get a record deal, but the advice is given with Wylde's trademark humor and profanity. There are also plenty of behind-the-scenes tales from his crazy life.

In the interview, Wylde was asked if the book is just for musicians. “No, I guarantee you that a majority of guys that we know, if they read the book, they’ll be crying laughing because they’ll know what I’m talking about, but the book, to me, reads more like us sitting in a pub, just talking, you know what I mean? But it’s the truth though, you know what I’m saying?”

Wylde and Black Label Society are gearing up for a European tour beginning in May. He'll also be part of the Ozzy and Friends shows. He says, “Gus G., Blasko and Tommy (Clufetos) are coming out and doing a bunch of tunes, then I come out with Blasko and Tommy and we end up doing a bunch of stuff from the era when I was with The Boss, from 'No Rest for the Wicked' all the way through everything I’ve ever done with him. Then Geezer (Butler, Black Sabbath bassist) comes out and we do a bunch of Sabbath stuff and at the end, Slash and everybody – Geezer, Slash, Gus – and we all play 'Paranoid.'”

Black Sabbath previously announced they would play at several European festivals this summer, but with Tony Iommi is battling cancer, the dates have been re-billed as Ozzy Osbourne and Friends, featuring an all-star band that includes Wylde on guitar.