Last week, a neighbor AKA obsessed fan AKA disturbed person left a strange sacrificial offering outside guitarist Zakk Wylde's home. Now, the riff peddler has obtained a long-term restraining order against this, um, gift giver. Apparently, the stalker had been a thorn in the guitarist's side for some time.

TMZ reports that Wylde, not the kind of guy we'd suggest tangling with, reported to court in Los Angeles on Friday to testify. He revealed that his neighbor John Radich, 20, once knocked on his door, hoping to have a chat. Only Radich was also shirtless at the time. Yes, we know, it's incredibly weird.

Wylde says that he sent Radich on his merry way, but the young man had left behind the strange sacrifice, which included a guitar which was scrawled on with a Sharpie and had a box cutter affixed to it. It also appeared to be decorated with Post-It notes. It defied any sort of rational explanation.

Wait, it gets even odder. Wylde also claimed that Radich also broke into his home studio and proclaimed, "I must assert my dominance." Given the fact that he left a guitar sacrifice and muscled his way into Wylde's creative space, spouting off nonsense about "dominance," perhaps Mr. Radich is an aspiring axeman himself?

Wylde's wife even claimed that Radich has been fixated on her hubby for quite some time. She said that Radich referred to him as "The Master." Well, lots of fans revere Wylde and likely refer to him in a similarly exalted way, but they don’t go leaving strange sacrifices or tokens on his property!

Radich, who reportedly referred to Wylde as "mentally ill," is no longer allowed to come within 50 yards of the guitarist his family. The restraining order is in effect for three years.