After 20 long years, Zakk Wylde finally released Book of Shadows II, the successor his first acoustic solo record that debuted in 1996. The album brought a new collection of calm, gentler songs aided by Wylde's signature croon. On "Sleeping Dogs," the legend got a little help from another one of rock's greatest, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor, who provided a guest vocal spot. The despondent track's mood has also been heightened with a new music video, seen above.

Prefacing the storyline of the video, the clips first reads, "One Tuesday, on a country road, a man named Tom was having a bad day... a really bad day." Cutting to a bearded man with side-swept, neck-length hair, the mysterious wanderer is seen with a ragged white shirt, covered in what is presumably blood. Eating a banana while unwaveringly gazing off into the distance, Tom encounters strangers yelling, others in animal masks and even explosions.

Nonplussed by all of this, he brushes off some dirt from the explosions, still looking onward with his frozen stare. A crowd appears holding signs for Corey Taylor and Zakk Wylde and the party begins as the drifter continues to walk down the road. In front of him lies a convoy of partiers who have taken to the streets following a car accident that blocks traffic. Unfazed, Tom grabs a bucket of cherries, perhaps mirroring the age-old parable of the tiger and the strawberry.

Taylor's voice comes into the song in the second verse, though he did not appear in the radio version of the track. Speaking about the collaboration when the song was first released, Wylde humorously said, "Having Father Corey Taylor’s brilliant voice sing on ‘Sleeping Dogs’ fulfilled my vision of the two of us as the modern day Simon & Garfunkel. We may not be as legendary, talented or as handsome as those two, but we’ve eaten at some of the same restaurants as them."

Zakk Wylde is currently in the midst of a headlining solo run in North America, which will come to an end on Sept. 3. He'll head back out on the road with his Black Sabbath cover band, Zakk Sabbath, opening for Clutch starting Sept. 28. For a full list of tour dates, check our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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