Some acts have lengthy careers that span decades and end in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, but for way many more acts they have their moment in the spotlight, then for one reason or another never manage to replicate that success. But it doesn't mean that these 10 acts didn't leave their mark on the music scene. In fact, they delivered some amazing songs that still hold up well today.

Some of these acts came and went, moving onto other things. For instance, Zwan was Billy Corgan's one-off shot at forming a band in the post-Smashing Pumpkins split era, before doing a solo album and eventually reclaiming the Smashing Pumpkins name. Though they were one and done, they delivered the song "Honestly" that ranks among Corgan's best post-first era Pumpkins work.

You've also got acts who've split up and reunited, some who never found the same following after losing their major label deals and acts who simply enjoyed relatively short tenures in the music world before fading out of radio rock favor. But all of these acts recorded standout material that deserves to be revisited no matter how the rest of their career turned out.

So take a trip down memory lane and check out these 10 amazing songs from these forgotten bands in the video above, and see more of our Loud Lists below.

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