Over the last 10 years, metalheads and rock fans have feuded with Disney due to the American parks banning various bands from their venues. Disney has picked out bands “not suitable” for their park, banishing them from Walt Disney’s gates… but how can it truly be the Happiest Place on Earth if Cannibal Corpse isn’t allowed in?

More specifically, these bands were rejected from performing at Disney World’s House of Blues and the now-defunct Disneyland House of Blues. Reasons for Disney dropping the banhammer are various, but the ones given for Machine Head were the most personal. In an official statement, Disney revealed Machine Head’s denial was based on the band’s “violent imagery, inflammatory lyrics and undesirable fans.” Isn’t that crazy? Disney straight-up didn’t want Machine Head fans on their property.

There have been some weird exceptions to Disney’s rule. Skeletonwitch were deemed “unfit to associate with Disney” in 2013, yet tour mates Amon Amarth and Enslaved were both allowed to play. Same deal when Exodus was refused access to a Disney stage. Despite Exodus getting banished, tour mates Anthrax, High on Fire and Municipal Waste were able to keep their performance slots. We can’t even imagine how much beer and weed was brought into those dressing rooms, yet Exodus was too much!

Before parting ways with vocalist Frank Carter, modern punk giants Gallows were barred from playing Disney because their lyrics were deemed “too offensive.” The Brits swung back with hilarity, claiming, “Mickey Mouse got jealous that Minnie Mouse had Gallows posters on her wall.”

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