Censorship comes in many forms and often happens for bizarre reasons. Check out these 10 Bands That Were Banned From Countries.

Rock and metal music has faced censorship ever since the inception of both genres. The now-defunct PMRC waged war against music in the ‘80s with the Parental Advisory sticker and the infamous Filthy 15 list. However, this pales in comparison to being physically banned from performing in an entire country.

Metal bands like Lamb of God and Behemoth have faced some bizarre bans in the past few years. Lamb of God was banned from Malaysia for “blasphemous content” even though the group is far from anti-religious in lyrical approach. That would much better suit Behemoth, but the Polish black metal act has never received a formal ban from Malaysia. Instead, Behemoth were jailed in Russia before being deported. The reasons still remain somewhat of a mystery, but according to frontman Nergal, Behemoth cannot enter Russia until 2019.

Even the most radio-friendly rock of the past faced serious backlash from international authorities. The Beatles were once banned from Israel after a committee decided the group had no artistic merit and would cause hysteria amongst youths. During the height of Led Zeppelin’s career, the legendary rock band was barred from entering Singapore. Why? Because the members had long hair.

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