2018 was a rich year for hard rock, with some of the genre’s biggest bands releasing new albums. Whether from rejuvenated acts, longtime headliners or up-and-comers, here are the 10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 2018.

Alice in Chains are more likely to disavow the Seattle Seahawks and become a Nirvana cover band than to release a bad album. The title Rainier Fog perfectly encapsulates everything Alice in Chains’ sixth full-length represents. Even when there’s rays of sunlight poking through (see “Never Fade”), this record is 53 minutes of gloom that lingers like the grey skies. It’s a change of pace for the grunge legends, who lean less on riffs, opting to conjure moods that, at times, are a few shades darker than some of their classic material.

With every new album, Halestorm cement their status as one of hard rock's elite bands. Vicious isn't a dramatic shift from previous releases, but does provide a honing and sharpening of their sound. From the raucous chart-topping single “Uncomfortable” to the sexually charged “Do Not Disturb,” Halestorm aren’t resting on their laurels.

Oh Maynard, what can’t you do? A Perfect Circle’s latest full-length, is the follow-up to 2004’s Emotive, yet it has more in common with the languorous skewed hard rock of 2003’s Thirteenth Step. The lion’s share of Eat the Elephant may have been composed by multi-instrumentalist Billy Howerdel, but once again, it’s Keenan who provides the emotional meat of the album’s impact.

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