We're paying tribute to 10 of the hardest workers and greatest Renaissance Men in hard rock and metal!

This list is all about the musicians who are jacks of all trades, but masters of many. One of the hardest working dudes in rock is Chris Jericho. Along with being a wrestling legend and unquestionable future WWE Hall of Famer, Jericho is a prolific author, scheduled to release his fourth book, No is a Four-Letter Word, this year. Jericho has hosted a bunch of TV shows and currently hosts the massively successful Talk is Jericho podcast.

Corey Taylor finds himself with a prominent spot on this list due to fronting two of modern music’s most successful bands, Slipknot and Stone Sour. Also a best-selling author, Corey Taylor’s fourth book, America 51, will hit shelves this year. Corey just took on yet another gig as the host of A Series of Bleeps, the new radio show via Beats 1 and Apple.

You may be surprised how many hats (or bandanas) Hatebreed vocalist Jamey Jasta wears. Along with fronting Hatebreed and Jasta, Jamey started his own clothing line, Hatewear, and runs the label Stillborn Records. Jamey also hosts a successful podcast, The Jasta Show.

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