To some, a band continuing on with no original members is the ultimate sin, but these 10 acts have made it work.

Once you’ve earned some notoriety in the music world, replacing a band member can be difficult. In some of these cases, absolute legends have been replaced, allowing the group to continue on. Sepultura is a major example of this, as Max Cavalera left all the way back in 1997. Nearly two decades later, Derrick Green is still fronting Sepultura, even after drummer Igor Cavalera took his leave in 2006.

GWAR lost their sole original member, Dave Brockie, in 2014. Brockie and his character Oderus Urungus are both thought the be truly irreplaceable, but GWAR continue to entertain legions of fans thanks to a scumdog named Blothar.

A few bands have undoubtedly improved thanks to the departure of all original members. One of these groups is Opeth. Frontman Mikael Akerfeldt was recruited shortly after Opeth’s formation, originally to become the band’s bassist. However, Opeth already had a bassist and Akerfeldt’s presence caused a major rift which left Akerfeldt and David Isberg as Opeth’s two sole members.

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