Power metal never sounded so good! It was tough, but we’ve named our picks for the 10 Greatest German Metal Bands!

Germany is home to the best power metal on earth and you can’t talk about the genre without mentioning Kai Hansen. Kai was instrumental in forming perhaps the greatest power metal band of all time, Helloween. After his departure, he helped form another power metal powerhouse, Gamma Ray, who you’ll also find in this list.

Is there any German band that’s “more German” than Rammstein? The Berlin sextet took the hard-nosed edge of the German language, added a touch of industrial brilliance and finished it off with a thick frosting of kink. The result turned into an international phenomenon blazed in more fire than KISS dare to bring with them on the road. Everyone knows “Du Hast,” but Rammstein’s entire discography is littered with killer cuts.

21st century tech death owes a giant debt to Germany, and more specifically, Necrophagist. Since Onset of Putrefaction hit in 1999, Necrophagist breathed new life into complex death metal during an age where nu-metal was at its peak. 2004’s Epitaph turned Necrophagist into modern legends, leaving such an imprint that fans are still rabid for a third album 13 years later. It may never happen, but we can always keep our fingers crossed.

Schauen sie sich unsere picks für die 10 besten metal bands aus Deutschland!

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