Fast as hell, ridiculously loud and best performed in rundown basements… it’s the 10 Greatest Grindcore Bands.

Who do we have to thank for grindcore? Merry old England! The condensed subgenre of extreme hardcore and metal is ridiculously unpalatable, but much like a fat spoonful of Marmite, those who love it can’t get enough.

When it comes to grind, two bands are hailed as the creators and perfecters: Carcass and Napalm Death. This may make guitarist-vocalist Bill Steer the most important grindcore musician of all time, as he played in integral part in both acts.

The U.S. has some rich grindcore history as well, spawning deathgrind titans like Pig Destroyer and Brutal Truth, the latter of which featured Anthrax / SOD bassist Dan Lilker. Both acts made tremendous strides in pushing extreme music to its most dangerous, sonically battering those curious enough to listen and ask for seconds.

There are countless grind bands out there, but these are our picks for the 10 Greatest Grindcore Bands. Check it out in the video above!

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