We’re counting down our picks for the 10 Greatest Grunge Bands of All Time!

Grunge took off in the early '90s, thanks to the massive success of Nirvana, and that helped shine the spotlight on bands like Alice in Chains and others.

Though most grunge masterpieces were released in the early-to-mid ‘90s, bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden have kept some semblance of grunge alive to this day as the two pinnacle bands continue to release music and perform for massive crowds.

In this list, we also tip our hat to bands which arguably didn’t get the mainstream praise many believe they deserved. Screaming Trees are certainly one of the grunge movement’s most underrated bands, releasing seven cult classics, only two of which even charted on the Billboard 200. Mudhoney also caught attention once their Sub Pop labelmates Nirvana took off. Of course, genre-bending and bizarre legends Melvins deserve the highest praise, as grunge likely wouldn’t have sounded the same without the band’s existence.

Check out the 10 Greatest Grunge Bands in the Loud List above!

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