Remember letting your favorite CD or piece of vinyl spin past its final song? You sit in silence wondering why it doesn’t just stop, but the seconds keep ticking by. Suddenly, something you’ve never heard before blasts into your ears! It’s the almighty hidden track, and these are our picks for the 10 greatest ones in rock and metal history.

It’s hard to believe that The Clash’s “Train in Vain” was actually a hidden track on London Calling, especially since it’s now one of their most famous cuts. Actually, it wasn’t supposed to be hidden, but The Clash submitted “Train in Vain” after the London Calling sleeve had already been printed. The song’s memorable chorus has been put into TV shows, movies and skate videos, so chance are you’ll recognize “Train in Vain” even if the title doesn’t ring any bells.

Ever “slide a mile six inches at a time on Maynard’s dick”? Any Tool fan who’s made it to the end of Salival has. The now out-of-print box set spans 74 minutes, the final four of which belong to “Maynard’s Dick.” Like much of Tool’s work, “Maynard’s Dick” has become a cult favorite with fans, and it’s genuinely a great track.

Hidden tracks often feature the bizarre and unexpected, which can be said about Green Day’s “All By Myself.” Pop punk is a haven for humor, and “All By Myself” is drummer Tre Cool’s tribute to masturbation. Taking center stage for the track, Tre Cool even describes breaking into someone’s home and whacking it in their room, but not in so many words.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Hidden Tracks of All Time in the Loud List above.

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