There’s nothing quite like that twin guitar attack in heavy metal! We narrowed down metal’s most masterful duos to the essential Top 10!

Of course, Judas Priest legends K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton have a high place on this list. As the original metal dual axe virtuosos, Downing and Tipton influenced every heavy band that came after them, especially with attached-at-the-hip classics like “Victim of Changes” and “Breaking the Law.” The duo’s fiery soloing also puts them up there with the very best to pick up a guitar.

When it comes to legendary riffs and back-and-forth soloing, Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King mastered the art form. Perhaps no thrash band, not even Metallica, can claim the collection of riffs that Slayer has hoarded over the decades, and when you watch footage of Hanneman and King trading lightning-fast solos, you can’t help but feel in awe.

Let’s talk about a highly underrated duo of virtuosos — Paul Waggoner and Dustie Waring. Between the Buried and Me’s guitarists have become modern prog gods with their work on albums like Colors and The Parallax II: Future Sequence. What makes the two axemen truly special is their ability to perform in any guitar style. In a single song, the boys can play death metal, jazz and banjo-style southern folk, somehow weaving it beautifully into a prog tapestry.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Metal Guitar Duos in the Loud List above!

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