With the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards having recently aired, the world was abuzz with drama of Miley Cyrus vs. Nicki Minaj and whatever Kanye West was talking about, but remember when rock-related stories made the news? Or when rock music was even featured on TV awards shows? We decided to look back and remember 10 Insane Awards Show Moments.

How about the time when Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford rushed the MTV stage after losing an award to Limp Bizkit? The dude was actually arrested and jailed for the night and you can see the footage right here. You'll also see multiple Marilyn Manson incidents that brilliantly offended many during the '90s.

The earliest moment on this list comes from the 1989 Grammy Awards. It was such a travesty that the moment forever tainted the words "Jethro Tull" in the minds of metalheads. Speaking of tainted, Van Halen's reunion hit the skids in 1996 at the VMAs while an obviously uncomfortable Eddie Van Halen tried to control a meandering David Lee Roth on live television.

For these moments and many others, check out 10 Insane Awards Show Moments in the clip above!

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