It’s always great to be right up at the barricade during shows, but when the crowd surfers just never stop pouring over your head, it can be a problem. Let’s just say best wishes to everyone who got kicked in the head during these insane gigs.

Some of these crowds are simply ridiculous. One piece of footage comes from Rock on the Range 2012 during a Five Finger Death Punch set. FFDP crowds are notoriously crazy, especially when Ivan Moody asks fans to come up and shake his hand. In this clip, you can’t even see where the crowd surfing begins, with people being passed up over a hundred people deep. Also, make sure to look out for the empty wheelchair making its way to the front.

Faith No More’s Mike Patton is already a hero to many, but he became a god with this crowd surfing moment. The crowd passed the vocalist all the way from the stage to the bar while he sung “Ashes to Ashes.” Patton even sat on the bar, screaming into fans’ faces for the rest of the song. What a legend.

One of these moments is legitimately something we’ve never seen before at the hundreds and perhaps thousands of gigs we’ve attended. At a Less Than Jake gig in Orlando, Fla., two security guards actually crowd surfed at the audience went nuts for what they were witnessing. It’s easy to spot the yellow shirts being passed from side-to-side and we’ve got to salute these gentlemen for being such good sports and making a gig even more unforgettable for the crowd.

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