Whenever you go to a stadium show or an outdoor festival, there’s always the chance you’ll see your favorite musician attempt some amateur daredevil stunts. Check out these insane moments where rockers risked life and limb to scale the scaffolding at concerts.

If anyone should get an award for his ridiculous climbing antics, it’s Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Especially back in the early ‘90s, Vedder loved to dance with death by climbing balconies, camera cranes and festival scaffolding. In this video, however, Vedder scales the amphitheater structure at New York’s Jones Beach Theater. How the hell Vedder got back down is a baffling to us, but he thankfully made it unscathed.

Slipknot’s Sid Wilson has always been a psychopath during live performances. There’s nothing the DJ won’t jump off of, especially if there’s a crowd below. Wilson has been a little more subdued since breaking his heels during the All Hope is Gone tour, but his library of stage dives and madman antics are legendary amongst Slipknot fans. You’ll see just one of Wilson’s “Duality” dives in this video.

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst found himself in a position he couldn’t escape from many years ago. After climbing the stage scaffolding, Durst realized how high up he was and that he couldn’t let himself get down any other way except for jumping. “It was scary,” Durst reminisces. “I could’ve hit the ground. I would have died, for sure.”

Check out these 10 Insane Scaffold Climbing Moments at Concerts in the Loud List above!

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