The rock star feud — it’s a guilty pleasure. In our little subculture, eyes tend to go where the controversy is and fans just love taking sides. Whose back do you have in these 10 Nastiest Rock Star Feuds?

When it comes to feuds, you’ve only got to look toward two bands to find a handful of them. First is Guns N’ Roses. When the legendary rockers were bickering amongst themselves, Axl Rose got himself in hot water with acts like Nirvana. Before the 1992 MTV VMAs, Kurt Cobain jokingly asked Rose to be the godfather of Cobain and Courtney Love’s baby, Frances Bean. Axl didn’t find it funny, apparently cursing out the couple backstage.

Your next feud magnets come in the form of Motley Crue. Drummer Tommy Lee and Kid Rock had some bad blood between them, with Lee calling Kid Rock a “punk ass” on The Howard Stern Show. The two rock stars eventually came to blows at the 2007 MTV VMAs and it was all caught on film.

Of course, GN’R and Motley Crue feuded against each other. Crue singer Vince Neil took a swing at Guns guitarist Izzy Stradlin after Izzy reportedly hit on Neil’s wife. Sticking up for his bandmate, Axl Rose wanted to fight Vince, but despite a highly publicized verbal back-and-forth, no fight ever took place. But hey, we’re still waiting!

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