Behold, some of the deepest gutturals, gargles, pig squeals and toilet bowl vocals ever recorded!

We went into an endless wormhole of extreme metal for this list, finding gutturals and screaming so deep you can hardly perceive it. Sure, Whitechapel’s Phil Bozeman and Suffocation’s Frank Mullen can go pretty deep, but they don’t even touch the threshold of these vocalists.

Taiwanese vocalist Larry Wang has committed his gutturals to bands like Gorepot, Maggot Colony and other appetizing death metal bands. For this list, we chose his work on Gluttonous Chunks by Coprocephalic. Fun fact: the band name literally translates to “shithead” in latin.

If you’re in the mood for pure toilet bowl vocals, look no further than the Finnish goregrinders from Torsofuck. Make sure you don’t look up their album art while at work or spending time with family, but in this Loud List, you can hear the band without any NSFW worries… kind of. Mikko Friberg is responsible for Torsofuck’s vocals, going deeper than any human should be able to reach.

Check out these 10 Stupidly Deep Screamers in Extreme Metal in the Loud List above.

Top 25 Extreme Metal Vocalists

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