At live shows, musicians and security guards usually coexist in respectful harmony, but when they don’t, it makes for an unforgettable moment.

A strong security team is always needed for bigger rock and metal shows — the band is safer and the crowd can feel free to go insane knowing if things get out of hand, someone will step in. However, musicians are fiercely protective of their fans and will go after a security guard at a moment's notice if they feel a crowd member is getting unnecessarily roughed up.

Some of the more vicious outbursts have come from rockers like Nikki Sixx, who once encouraged a whole arena of people to kick the crap out of one particular guard. Strangely enough, perhaps the most level-headed intervention came from Axl Rose, who calmly asked for a couple of guards to be relieved from their post.

Every once in a while, things will even be physical between musicians and security. Kurt Cobain’s infamous stage dive into a small crowd led to the Nirvana frontman bashing a guard in the head with his guitar. The guard, waaaaaay bigger than Cobain, retaliated with a fist to the grunge legend’s face and outright chaos erupted. Even Fred Durst stopped mid-performance to cuss out a security guard and kick him in the head while thousands stood witness.

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