This entire week, we’re rolling out Loud Lists celebrating the unforgettable moments of each classic Slipknot member! Each musician has an assigned number in Slipknot, so we’ll be going in descending order from 8 to 0. Thus, we begin this series of Loud Lists with #8 — Corey Taylor.

For almost 20 years, Taylor has been the “Great Big Mouth” of Slipknot, emerging as one of metal’s greatest frontmen with his roaring screams, soaring vocals and unhinged stage presence. It’s tough to pick just 10 moments from Taylor’s career, but we made sure to highlight moments that represent his depth, sense of humor, daredevil attitude and command of his crowd.

In this Loud List, you’ll see Corey show off his first Slipknot mask, which was basically disintegrated when this footage was shot. You’ll see a plethora of CMFT’s masks throughout this video, including one of his original dreadlock pieces while Slipknot appeared on Australian television and verbally decimated Limp Bizkit. Seriously... Corey cut a wrestling promo on the band, ending his rampage by shouting, “We will kill you!”

Wanna see Corey Taylor get set on fire? Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson sure did, as he lit up Corey’s leg himself during an early Slipknot gig. How about Corey getting electrocuted on television? We’ve got that too! We also managed to find possibly the most epic “Jump the F— Up” moment in Slipknot history to cap our video off.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Corey Taylor moments above and stay tuned for more Unforgettable Moments from all nine classic Slipknot members.

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