This week, North America will say goodbye to HIM forever, as they complete their 2017 farewell tour dates on this side of the Atlantic. To bid Ville Valo and the boys farewell, we’ve put together these unforgettable moments from the Finnish love metallers.

We dug deep for this Loud List, starting with one of the oldest interviews with Ville Valo that we could find. Valo explains that KISSGene Simmons was the reason he became a musician, with Animalize being the first album Ville ever bought. Simmons’ stage antics planted the seed for Ville Valo, especially the “blood and fire” that KISS’ demon would utilize while performing.

One of HIM’s first television appearances came in 1996. Thanks to their much celebrated cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game,” the band was invited onto Jyrki, a show on Finland’s MTV3 channel. HIM didn’t even have a full-length album out at the time, just their 666 Ways to Love: Prologue EP, which features “Wicked Game.” It was obvious HIM was destined for big things, performing like seasoned pros just five years into their career.

We had Ville Valo and Mikko ‘Mige’ Paananen in our studio a few years back, with the duo reminiscing about memories from the Viva La Bam days. Though they couldn’t go into detail about the extremities of their party days, they spoke about a common Bam Margera prank — slipping Viagra into people’s drinks.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable HIM Moments and be sure to catch the guys on their farewell 'Bang and Whimper' tour.

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