This entire week we’re paying tribute to Avenged Sevenfold by creating a Loud List of Unforgettable Moments for each of the band's members! Today, we’re starting off with vocalist M. Shadows!

Throughout this list of moments, we’re taking you through the lifespan of Shadows’ vocal abilities. We all start off somewhere, and in some early footage we dug up, you can see M. Shadows striving to become a powerful and anthemic clean vocalist. From shaky beginnings, you’ll see Shadows find his voice over the years, culminating with an incredible performance of “God Hates Us” from 2011.

You’ll see some hilarious M. Shadows moments, too, like the time his dog ate a batch of “special” brownies. The pup, Bella, went on a multi-day trip due to the brownie consumption, staring into the ocean for six hours at a time for the first two days. She eventually needed the cone treatment and couldn’t stop running into walls at Shadows’ home.

You’ll see plenty of Rev memories in this video. Shadows recalls how he persuaded The Rev to join the early incarnation of Avenged Sevenfold, but it certainly wasn’t because Jimmy was impressed by Shadows and guitarist Zacky Vengeance’s abilities. Shortly after The Rev’s death, Shadows gave an interview explaining why A7X had to continue on, wanting to show fans it’s not okay to just quit when hard times strike.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable M. Shadows Avenged Sevenfold Moments in the Loud List above!

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