To celebrate Mastodon’s newest album, Emperor of Sand, becoming the highest selling disc in the U.S. in terms of pure album sales during its debut week, we put together this Loud List of Unforgettable Moments from the 21st century metal titans.

Mastodon are one of those few bands where four phenomenal musicians and big personalities come together and seamlessly create some of metal’s most inventive music. We tried to show some sides of the Georgia sludge lords you may have never seen before, like an interview with guitarist-vocalist Brent Hinds’ parents on the local news. Along with sharing the greatest childhood photo in music history, the Hinds family (including grandma) is blown away by their son’s success.

We also took a look into bassist-vocalist Troy Sanders and Brent Hinds’ pre-Mastodon band Four Hour Fogger, in which the guys would often play naked, or more conservatively, in bikinis. When Mastodon finally formed, it was Bill Kelliher’s arm tattoo that set the band name in motion. You’ll also see the guitarist’s impressive collection of Star Wars tattoos.

Remember that time Brent Hinds was kicked out of the Grammys because he “didn’t know how to behave”? We scooped up some pre-ejection footage of Hinds and drummer Brann Dailor walking the red carpet in a baseball uniform and a balloon-covered “birthday suit,” respectively. In a moment of comedic genius, when Hinds is asked if he hit any home runs recently, the axeman responded, “I only hit home runs, darling.”

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Mastodon Moments in the Loud List above and be sure to grab Emperor of Sand by clicking here!

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