We’ve counted down all the classic members of Slipknot and we’ve finally arrived at #0 - DJ Sid Wilson.

By the accounts of Slipknot’s own musicians, Sid Wilson is one of the craziest, if not THE craziest member of the band. In an early interview with Clown, he claimed Sid thought each of his masks lived as multiple personalities. He’s had plenty over the years and fans have been able to get a close look at each one while Wilson plummeted towards them from far-too-high launching points.

Sid Wilson is the undisputed king of the stage dive. We threw a bunch of his most death defying leaps into this clip, along with his more recent feats of diving from Slipknot’s upper stage into Sid’s DJ booth. You’ll even see Sid beating the crap out of Slipknot fans who were too slow in dropping to the ground during the band’s “Spit it Out” crazy test.

Sid’s interviews have been memorable as well. Sometimes he likes to dig out alien languages to answer questions. In Slipknot’s early career, he sounded almost Japanese, but he’s changed up his speech patterns throughout the years, arriving at some sort of Russian / Ewok hybrid.

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