It’s time once again for our favorite Loud List of the year. In this clip, we’ve highlighted 10 up-and-coming bands that may eventually become some of your all-time favorites.

Our goal here is simple: turn you on to at least one new act. Some of these bands you’ve certainly heard of before, like Greta Van Fleet and Bad Wolves, who have both scored gigantic hits this year. Though Greta scored 20 million YouTube views for “Highway Song,” they’ve yet to reach their full potential, having not even released a true full-length album. Bad Wolves’ 2018 cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie” is even more astounding, exceeding 100 million plays on YouTube.

Let’s get into the lesser-known acts, who may help lead metal into the future. One such band is Lychgate, a British act who brilliantly melded death metal, church organ, doom and black metal into what could be their breakout release, The Contagion in Nine Steps. If you’re into Opeth, we’d highly recommend Lychgate’s brand of extreme sophistication.

If you’re looking for something even more experimental, give New Zealand teenagers Alien Weaponry a try. We exclusively premiered their video for “Kai Tangata” earlier this year and it’s on the brink of surpassing a million views on YouTube. Almost like Sepultura’s Roots, Alien Weaponry took inspiration from their native people, the Maori, to write crushing thrash and groove, and the experiment is paying off.

Check out these 10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Need to Hear in 2018.

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