Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle has called out former singer Tommy Vext, claiming that he is "being publicly & serially harassed" by Vext's commentary about the band.

Bad Wolves and Vext settled their legal issues in 2021 after the singer and the band parted ways, but apparently tensions haven't cooled over time. Coyle issued a series of tweets Monday sharing his frustrations and showing examples of Vext's continued commentary on the group, which he feels are defamatory.

What Doc Coyle Said

"Apparently sharing a public article is the same as this. Being posted by you know in the last few weeks. Being publicly & serially HARASSED. When will it stop?," initially asked Coyle in a social media post.

The post also had four visual panels as examples of Vext’s harassment. One featured a design for a shirt with a crying wolf logo and the words "Bring Back Tommy” that Vext directed fans to wear at concerts. Another panel had sales of said shirt through Vext's webstore.

Yet another panel was a recent Vext post in which the singer claims that nobody in Bad Wolves actually wrote or performed on some of their biggest hits.

Coyle also went on to share another Vext posting calling out current Bad Wolves vocalist DL Laskiewicz, adding, "I do not talk about this man. I keep to myself, play music stay positive but this is ENOUGH!"

Addressing fans who have tired of the drama and feel that responding is adding to the beef, Coyle added, "I’m not beefing. We’re being defamed daily by an expert. People hate us just for existing based on LIES and I’m sick of it." This was accompanied by more of Vext's shared social media posts in which it was indicated that current vocalist DL was lip synching at shows.

Coyle continued, "People will say I’m starting drama for posting HIS words. His posts. I just want it to stop. I don’t have an issue with anyone. I’m friends with everybody. I hate this shit. Just want to play music and have fun."

He then added, "You gonna believe me or someone who has started shit and has drama with every band, musician, ex, etc? Who else do I have drama with? I am ALL about resolution. But I won’t be abused & be told to make up with my abuser."

The guitarist then finished the thread with another four-panel posting of Vext social media posts and screenshots about Bad Wolves.

Coyle previously addressed some of the negativity against his band while appearing on The Jesea Lee Show (seen below), stating, "People hate us, but the negativity is not from random people. This is from our former fans. So we put out a song called 'Die About It' and all on one day, there's about 100 negative comments on one day all about one thing. It's not organic. They didn't just all decide. They were encouraged."

While he wouldn't speculate if Vext was behind it, he did say, "I suggest just use common sense and deductive reasoning. I mean I think it's pretty easy to figure it out."

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What Tommy Vext Has Said

Vext has made claims about the band's lack of participation in their own music.

In an April 27 post on X, "BEHIND THE MUSIC : Did you know that No one in BW actually wrote of performed on tracks like Killing me Slowly, Zombie, Hear Me Now, Remember When, Sober, Learn to Walk Again or even Lifeline?" He then shared audio and video from an original demo of a track from 2018 that was co-written and produced with outside contributors.

Later in the month, Vext shared the design of the "Bring Back Tommy" shirt, commenting, "This is the funniest shit I've ever seen," and later making it available as a shirt for purchase.

Then, on May 11, Vext shared video of singer DL Laskiewicz explaining the meaning of the song "Die About It." In the clip, the current Bad Wolves vocalist says, "I'm the singer of this band. Cry about it. It's like if you're gonna cry about it, you might as well fucking die about it."

Vext responded to the video stating, "After years of giving anti suicide & mental health awareness speeches on stage with BW I am absolutely disgusted by this peace of shit of a person who is now telling my fans they can go to 'die' for simply preferring the old songs over you mid garbage vocals."

He continued, "This dude should have stayed on guitar in TAS. I can’t believe a record label who were so concerned about moral high ground during the 2020 election would allow such a low life scum bag pos to derail and ruin the brand we built. Sad shit."

Vext had also responded to Coyle's quotes on The Jesea Lee Show about the hate toward the band being coordinated in his own posting.

"Every single time these dudes get ready to drop a single or an album, you've gotta talk about me," said Vext, dismissing Coyle's theory. "I think it's ironic that now the conspiracy theories ... or that I'm behind some wild conspiracy to get everyone to hate you. That's not what it is bro."

Vext reiterated that he has publicly told the fans to leave the band alone and went on to say that attempts to reach out to Coyle have not yielded a response because he claims Coyle wants to use the drama with the former frontman to get attention. Vext's full response can be viewed below.

@tommyisvext #stitch with @Jesea Lee this childish bullshit has gone on long enough. Stop bringijg my name up in interviews with these goofy conspiracies that I’m mind controlling the fans. Just make food music and the people will but it. Its that simple man. #badwolves #drama #musicindustry #fyp #tommyvext ♬ Die About It - Bad Wolves

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The most recent posting came with Coyle posting "Ouch" with a photo of Vext's weekend arrest in Arizona. "Imagine trying to shame me for protecting my partner against her abuser," said the singer. "Constant character reveals with these guys."

What's Next for Bad Wolves and Tommy Vext?

Bad Wolves continue to tour in support of their 2023 album, Die About It. They'll be back onstage tonight (May 14) in Newport, Kentucky, with their current tour leg scheduled to run through a June 1 appearance at the So What?! music festival in Fort Worth, Texas. There are also festival dates on the books for the summer. See all Bad Wolves tour dates and get ticketing info through their website.

Vext, meanwhile, recently relayed that a deluxe version of A.N.T.A.R.C.T.I.C.A. will be coming soon, plus new U.S. and U.K. tour dates are on the horizon as well. Additional release and tour info can be found at Vext's website.

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