We've all done it — you walk through the entrance of Guitar Center and before opening the second door, you know the employees are having another rough day. The place is littered with amateur musicians playing instruments they'll never buy on amps they haven't even thought about making their own. They just wanna jam and maybe find a like-minded player to form a band with. Regardless, some of their efforts landed them on our Loud List of the 11 Most Cringeworthy Guitar Center Fails.

It's possible some Guitar Center employee has heard the intro to "Smoke on the Water" more than the members of Deep Purple have. Ritchie Blackmore's immortal riff has served as the gateway to rock guitar playing for countless new players but never has it sounded so beyond repair as it does in this video. Sure, it might take a bit to play the riff cleanly if you're new to guitar, but by the time you're middle-aged and bald, you should have it figured out. Not this dude though.

Sometimes when you play an electric guitar unplugged, you can make it look like you're more of a fleet-fingered fellow than you really are. One man's fictitious frantic fretting was exposed as he demonstrated that his chops were not nearly as cool as wearing his sunglasses inside. Don't worry, he'll never have to get used to the bright lights while playing again.

Guitarists aren't the only obnoxious denizens of Guitar Center. Oh yes, they sell drums too and you bet your bottom dollar you can test 'em out. Remember when Lars Ulrich's toddler got behind his kit in Some Kind of Monster? Well, it looks like one kid tried recreating that exact moment.

There's a lot more than this in this Loud List, so play the video above and get ready to cringe.

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