Feel free to have fun in the pit, but get up on stage and you may feel the wrath of your favorite rock heroes.

Very recently, a video of The Story So Far vocalist Parker Cannon dropkicking a selfie-taking fan off the stage went viral, accumulating almost 3 million YouTube views in just a few weeks. This isn’t the rarest of occurrences at live shows, so we compiled these 11 Rockers Kicking Fans Off the Stage.

One of the most epic removals of a fan was captured by MTV during a Queens of the Stone Age show. A fan spent way too much time hogging the limelight onstage and when it seemed like frontman Josh Homme was approaching to give the fan a hug, the kid opened his arms to embrace Homme. Instead, Homme pushed him off the stage and the pro-shot footage couldn’t have captured a better angle.

That may seem a little harsh to some, but it’s nothing compared to some of the other entries you’ll watch. At an early Nirvana show, a seemingly inebriated stood onstage for an uncomfortably long time and actually tried to act as Nirvana’s lead singer. He took a pretty swift beating from the grunge pioneers in a moment of priceless footage. Marduk vocalist Mortuus also owns one of the most violent confrontations in this clip, absolutely decimating a fan by flipping him onto the stage’s floor monitors. Ouch!

And of course, there’s the Maynard James Keenan “Pushit” fan incident, where the Tool frontman took the scenic route in removing a fan from the band’s stage.

Check out these 11 Rockers Kicking Fans Off the Stage in the video above!

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