During his time with Slipknot, drummer Joey Jordison’s number was 1, but since 1 Unforgettable Joey Jordison Moment wouldn’t make for a very good compilation, we grabbed 11 Unforgettable Moments for the powerhouse drummer.

Jordison was one of the first members to join Paul Gray and Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan during the earliest days of Slipknot. First manning the kit in 1995, Jordison spent 18 years as Slipknot’s percussive anchor before departing from the group in 2013.

Many fans believe Jordison to be the greatest pure musician in Slipknot’s history. To illustrate that fact, we’ve included some insane drumming clips of Joey such as his opening break beat from “Eyeless,” the stickman’s absolutely brutal playing in “Disasterpiece” and even a few guest appearances he made onstage with System of a Down and Metallica.

We’ve also rounded up interviews with Joey from throughout his lengthy stint under the kabuki mask. From the band’s breakout 1999 inclusion on Ozzfest to an exclusive Loudwire chat filmed just a few months before Joey parted ways with Slipknot.

Check out these 11 Unforgettable Joey Jordison Slipknot Moments below.

11 Unforgettable Joey Jordison Slipknot Moments

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