Ever sing along to your favorite track and realize you can't hit the high notes, then the realization sets in that you can't grasp those low notes either? Turns out you're no Mike Patton. It's 14 Rock + Metal Musicians with Insane Vocal Ranges.

Plenty of websites have compiled some definitive lists of vocal ranges, while some music forums are dedicated to the discussion. Faith No More's Mike Patton is the undisputed king of range in popular music, topping a brain-bending six octaves. He's the only man on this list to break that ceiling, but there are plenty other vocal phenoms who get close.

You may be surprised to see that Corey Taylor is second to Patton, but we tracked down an old Stone Sour track where Corey is nailing some notes worthy of David Lee Roth, who you'll also find in this Loud List.

Let's get into the world of extreme metal. Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth has one of the world's most unique voices, delving down into throat singing while hitting whistle tones only seconds apart. Dir En Grey's Kyo has a similar range, though he caps off just beneath five octaves.

Check out these 14 Rock + Metal Musicians with Insane Vocal Ranges in the video above!

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