The holidays are just around the corner, so instead of procrastinating and stressing out last minute, Loudwire has got it covered for you with a very dependable 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you're a metal head looking for items to add to your wish list or the one shopping for a hard rocker, this list offers a combination of some of simple ideas such as CDs to more unique gift ideas such as Metallica Monopoly. No matter how massive or miniscule your budget is, there’s something for every merry rocker on this list:


    Chevelle's ‘Hats Off to the Bull’

    For any Chevelle fan this Christmas, it’s a necessity to have the band’s sixth studio album ‘Hats Off to the Bull.’ It’s the band’s follow-up to 2009's ‘Sci-fi Crimes.’ For now, the trio have released their hard hitting single ‘Face to the Floor’ and the band is also set to appear on the soundtrack for the new film ‘Underworld: Awakening’ due out next year.


    Foo Fighters' ‘Back and Forth’

    For any crazed fan of the Foo Fighters, gift giving will be a breeze this year, particularly with the release of their latest DVD ‘Back and Forth’ which documents the band’s 16 year history. The documentary is complete with interviews, concert footage behind the scenes clips and much more. Seeing the band’s progression from Dave Grohl’s demo tapes to their success of this year’s ‘Wasting Light’ is a journey any Foo fan will appreciate.


    ‘For Those About to Cook’ Book

    Don’t stress over what to get for that culinary metal head. 'For Those About to Cook’ is a multi-genre and multi-ethnic cook book. This for any hard-rocking chef covers everything from appetizers, entrees and desserts that is bound to create a wall-to-wall mosh pit for your taste buds. ‘For Those About to Cook,’ we salute you.


    Misfits Skull Beanie

    With winter around the corner, any hard rocker needs to keep their cranium warm so why not do it in style? You can go to Old Navy and snag some plain brown hat or you can let out your inner Misfit with the band’s new beanie. We love skulls and the Misfits, so represent both this winter by getting the beanie. It’s cool, it’s functional, it’s the Misfits and it’s under 20 bucks!

  • Korn Official Site

    Korn ‘The Path of Totality’ Bundle Pack

    Give your old school or new school Korn fan something different this year as the band is set to release their new album ‘The Path of Totality’ on Dec. 6. This experimental album combines their signature sound with dubstep. Korn collaborated with artists such as Skrillex, Datsik, Downlink and numerous others in order to create this unique project. The bundle also comes with a Korn shirt and concert DVD.


    ‘Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Around the World’ Book

    For the literary metal fanatic, the book ‘Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Around the World’ is an incredibly diverse volume that takes readers all around the world to see the scenes of metal all over Europe, Asia, the United States and much more. It’s informational and unique, and it would make a great gift for anyone who is truly interested in this genre of music and the great depth it has. This is a must-have for heavy metal geeks.


    Metallica Monopoly

    Combining the classic game of Monopoly with an epic band like Metallica seems only right. Metallica Monopoly is also a great gift because it’s an activity metal heads of all generations can take part in and for many it might be more enjoyable than that ‘Lulu’ album of theirs. If you aren’t much of a Metallica fan, don't worry: the board game is also available in an AC/DC version, as well.

  • Gigantour Official Site

    Tickets To 2012 Gigantour

    If you really want to impress this year, forget the CDs, DVDs, books and all of that other stuff. A concert is the epitome of happiness when it comes to receiving a gift, especially one that features Megadeth, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil and Volbeat. Why not give the metal-head in your life a gift he or she will never forget. There’s a reason it’s called Gigantour; it’s a pretty big deal.


    Kick-ass Guitar Straps

    For that special guitarist in your life, get him or her a rocking guitar strap. There are a wide variety of beautiful styles and you can also put in an order for a custom made strap. Created by the very talented leathersmith Rachael Becker, who also makes camera straps, in case you want to impress that photographer in your life. Becker has made straps for icons such as Black Sabbath axeman Tony Iommi, Slash, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and many others.

  • Motorhead Wine Official Site

    Motorhead Wine

    Speaking of Motorhead, how about celebrating the holidays with some a nice libation (for our readers 21 and over, please). And why make it some wine from none other than Lemmy and the gang! Motorhead Shiraz is a fruity, red wine from Australia. If wine isn’t your thing, you can drink just about anything in Motorhead beer glasses, shot glasses, a Whiskey Caraffe, wine glasses and more. Besides, with enough Motorhead Shiraz, you’ll forget about all of the lame non-rock presents you got this holiday.