Chevelle come out swinging with the first single, 'Face to the Floor,' off of their as-yet-untitled upcoming album, due out Dec. 6. The tune is a powerhouse track that follows in the footsteps of the band's previous hits like 'The Red,' 'Send the Pain Below' and 'I Get It.'

The song begins with heavy, catchy guitar riffs that stay consistent throughout the track. Frontman Pete Loeffler belts out the first verse with a melodic edge, "To pick up the tip doesn't mean a lot /Feel inside your drugs / If we own the night, then spread it out / Or pack up without a clue."

With venom, Loeffler sings the chorus, "Like a face / Getting forced / To the floor / When either way / You're way too close to it all." His vocals has so many layers throughout the tune and in some parts of the song he even sounds a little like his current tour buddy Gavin Rossdale. The radio friendly track is already generating buzz.

The new album will be is the band's first disc since 2009's 'Sci-fi Crimes.' For now, Chevelle fans can catch the group on tour with Bush and Filter. Click here for a full list of dates.

4 Stars
Listen to Chevelle, 'Face to the Floor'

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